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selected works
  Imitation is the most sincere form of survival, sculpture, 2014
My heart sings in the presence of you, installation, 2013
The truth is not for us to see, photograph, 2013
You are not the only one with mixed emotions, sculpture, 2013
Every time I look at the universe it getís bigger, sculpture, 2013
I wonder where I should go, photo-sculpture, 2013
Life happened, while I was waiting for something different, 2013
I gave up dreaming for a while, 2012
Now life is mine again, 2012
The day life stood still for a moment, 2012

Based on believes, 2012
in the midst of a moment, 2011
Into thin air, 2011
Here on calmer clouds, 2011
Little bits of yesterday, 2011
I wish I was the moon tonight, 2011
After Image, 2011
Dishtowel, 2011
Into Thin Air, 2011
Borrowed Light (remake), 2011
Space between thoughts, 2010
Soft warmth of southern air, 2010
Places where the reality of the surroundings and the illusions of the artificial worlds collide, 2010
You cleared the path to where the birds of paradise hold court, 2010
every now (and then), 2010
somewhere over the rainbow, 2010
no reality and no lie, 2010
rain on my parade, 2009
borrowed Light, 2009
this is a diamond!, 2009
overexposure, 2009
transparency, 2009
the sun, 2008
squared sun, 2008
oblong sun, 2008
my spectrum 020508, 2008
240608, 2008
reflect, 2008
pi 2, 2008
121007, 2007
020507, 2007
pi, 2007
pi, 2007
shadow, 2007

the sun, photograph, 220 x 150, 2008